Joely Lorenzen's Portfolio

friend, is the southern California based passion project of Joely Lorenzen. Founded in 2016 based on the principle that 'life delights in life'.

With a deep admiration for color theory, texture and art that evokes emotion, Joely  aims to create floral designs that transcend expectations of what is known and traditional when it comes to floral design.  

With friend, Joely has collaborated with many other artists and brands. She has produced flower pieces for editorial stylings with Hunt and Hand, Captains Helm, Vitamin A Swim, Maven SD and for Cultivate: a photography seminar series hosted by Emily Magers and Dawn Charles.

Her work is specifically dreamt up with each recipient in mind. She values human connection and always wants to place emphasis on value of focus on heart over aesthetic. She derives great pleasure from the friendships that flow from her ever growing clientele. 

Photo by Emily Poole


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